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Project description

P1P Netduino is a PHP frontend for the P1 Netduino smart meter logging solution



PHP 5.2 or newer, with

  • CURL
  • PDO Mysql

And a Netduino Plus V1 or V2 set-up according to the urls mentioned above.


  1. Copy the files to your webserver.
  2. Create a database with a user
  3. Add the database and user to the inc/
  4. Rename to
  5. Run the install.php within your webbrowser
  6. Fill in all the data, except the Cosm Feed, Key and thingspeak feed, those do not work yet
  7. If you check history, wait untill the browser is done loading
  8. Rename or remove the install.php.
  9. Add the cronjob.php to your crontab or taskmanager

If you want to get a notice when your netduino is not reachable anymore, open the in the inc folder and edit the variables. For now it is only configured to mail with gmail. If you use another provider, and you'll get the notifications to work, please let me know how. With that information a more general script can be created.

Add the cronjob again to your crontab, but this time with the parameter cls:

cronjob.php cls

To check if an email will be sent, just set the crontab like this

cronjob.php clstest

This will generate an email everytime the script runs.


Nothing special, just click around :)

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